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Leading The Way With New Technology

Wet type

Dewatering screen and cyclone system

  • 1. High efficiency dewatering screen makes sure the product is immediately dried free of water, thus it can be loaded right now.
  • 2. Strong vibration motor can adjust the width of vibration depending on the particle size.
  • 3. Highly anti-abrasion polyurethane screen net is applied to minimize the rate of abrasion.
  • 4. After passing the dewatering screen or classifier, fine particles go through the cyclone to make perfect quality sands without any sludges of less than 200 meshes.
  • 5. With internal quantity control, the classification point for the cyclone can be adjusted from 100 to 200.
Model Capa (t/h) Using water (t/h) Pump Dewatering screen size Power(kw)
WFS-130 130 100 6/4 2000x3000 55
WFS-200 200 200 8/6 1500x3600 75
WFS-250 250 300 8/6 1800x3900 75
WFS-300 300 400 10/8 2100x4500 90

Waste water treatment and filter press

  • 1.Scrapper automatically adjusted for the filter press condition is used in this sludge condensation system.
  • 2. With self protection ability, when the large quantity sludge enters the system, the scrapper will automatically emerge to the top.
  • 3. Use of minimal condensator, it shows low costs and suitability for repair and maintenance.

Dry type(dry cyclone system)

Building wastes recycling plant