Leading The Way With
New Technology

광산기계 및 플랜트전문 (주)원덕산업기계


Leading The Way With New Technology

High efficiency cone crusher (HE-Series)

  • Modern type of crusher
  • Designed to meet the customers’ demands.
  • Simple design and small size
  • Function to install a smaller discharge set during the production
  • Minimal operation costs
  • Can be applied to other purposes with one unit of crusher.
  • Best performance
  • Reduced downtime(malfunction)
  • Simple repair and maintenance
  • Low repair and maintenance costs


Higher crushing rates and less crushing processes can offer advantages of reduced power consumption and plant size.
When you switch from the large size aggregate crushing process to the small size aggregate crushing process, you just have to change the liner, the type and the speed.
By changing the liner and the speed, you can easily switch from the mid sized aggregate crushing process to the fine sized aggregate crushing process or even sand crushing applications.

Closing side setting interval

By specs Size By ton/time Hourly production by product spec
6mm 8mm 10mm 13mm 16mm 19mm 22mm 25mm 32mm 38mm 45mm 51mm
WHE-300 T/H 110-136 146-180 176-216 196-236 216-256 226-276 246-316 296-376 346-436
WHE-400 T/H 136-171 180-226 221-276 250-316 290-366 290-366 320-426 326-486 406-556 460-626
WHE-5 T/H 220-300 280-380 335-450 370-490 410-535 430-570 440-610 515-715 570-790

There is a tolerance of about ±8% depending on the conditions such as rock type, strength, and moisture amount and so on.

Structure diagram

  • Hydraulic motor (setting motor)

  • Hydraulic motor (setting motor)

  • Top cell fixed hydraulic cylinder

  • Tramp release

Crusher’s crushing room(inner diameter) type selection

By crusher specs(model) Crusher’s inner diameter Closing side Opening side Minimum setting interval
Crusher Size (Model) Crusher Cavity Feed Opening-Close Side Feed Opening-Open Side Minimum Setting Gap/mm
WHE-300 Very small particlesize SS 25 72 6
small particle size S 107 148 14
mid sized particle F, 150 190 17
big particle size C 211 240 20
bigger particle size CC 233 267 25
WHE-400 Very small particlesize SS 40 104 6
small particle size S 111 164 14
mid sized particle F 198 245 20
big particle size C 252 192 25
bigger particle size CC 299 333 30

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