Leading The Way With
New Technology

Wondeok Industrial Machinery Co., Ltd. specialized in mining machinery and plants


Leading The Way With New Technology

Since the second half of last 1995, as a company specializing in mining equipment and plant maker, WIMCO®-KOREA has been producing and suppling the domestic and overseas markets various aggregate crushing facilities such as jaw-crushers, cone-crushers, vibration screens, feeders and so on which are suitable for various construction works with its professionality and accumulated technologies in line with the customer’s demands and requests. WIMCO®-KOREA has secured its position as the most competent Korean company with most experiences and expertise in aggregate crushing device and facility production is not making every effort to show its abilities proving its new brand name and reputations by offering the best machinery in various construction fields such as Eastern, Southwestern Asia, Middle East, Central Asia and so on as well as Korea.

“WIMCO – KOREA” crushers offer excellent crushing abilities, simple operation, smooth part delivery, perfect post management that achieve the motto “always customers are the highest priorities” leading to consistent R&D and make every effort to produce high quality products that can respond to any kid of requests from our customers.

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